Deck Builder

Deck Construction & planning MADecks are a staple of many homes. They are a gathering place for friends and family, can be put around an outdoor pool and can provide a beautiful location for rest and relaxation almost any night of the year. Wo-Jo's can create the perfect deck for your home. There are many different types of decks that can be built with almost any feature you can imagine. There are natural woods like yellow pine, iron wood and tiger wood that will give your outdoor space a distinctive look and feel. Tiger wood is especially beautiful because its colors and tones become richer when it is exposed to sunlight. You may also choose synthetic, or manmade, materials as they are somewhat easier to keep clean and require less maintenance than natural materials. Massachusetts homes are so different in their sizes and shapes, and you may need a second story deck instead of one that sits closer to the ground. We will help you determine what will fit your house safely and practically while keeping aesthetic principles in mind. An outdoor, above ground pool can be an unsightly thing when it is left out in the open. Build a beautiful wooden deck to enclose your family’s swimming area and give them a place to sunbathe when they decide to get out of the pool. First story decks can also be a challenge when it comes to matching the deck height with the entrance point. Contact us for more information about the deck building services we provide.