The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring in MA

Modern gourmet kitchenAt Wo-Jo’s Construction, we are a family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured construction company with extensive experience as a Massachusetts home improvement contractor. From large scale home restoration projects to finish carpentry projects and even to general handyman services, we’ve tackled almost any construction project you can think of. And one of our specialties has to do with hardwood flooring in MA. While we specialize in other forms of flooring such as tile and carpet, the elegance of many of the historic homes in MA are greatly accentuated by hardwood flooring, so we’d like to discuss some of the benefits of having hardwood floors installed in your home today. First of all, the longevity of hardwood flooring in MA is perfectly exemplified by the fact that you can visit homes and buildings on the east coast and in Europe with wood floors that are hundreds of years old. Unlike carpet or laminate flooring, hardwood floors, properly maintained, can easily last up to a hundred years without losing their inherent beauty or going out of style. Hardwood flooring is a unique flooring material because it can be easily recycled, repaired, or refinished while many of its counterparts eventually end up in desolate landfills where they slowly decompose.

Why Hardwood Floors Are So Popular

Choosing hardwood flooring in MA can also significantly increase the resale value of your home. According to a National survey, 90% of experienced realtors reported that homes with hardwood floors sell more quickly and for higher prices than homes with other flooring material. This may be due in fact to hardwood flooring’s ability to easily conform to any type of décor. Whether you’re going for a folksy look or a more modern type of décor, the simple elegance and timeless appeal of hardwood floors greatly adds to the ambience of any room. The fact that hardwood floors are easy to maintain may add to their popularity among homeowners and interior designers as well. Regularly dust mopping your hardwood floors and occasionally using an approved cleaner on them is generally all that’s necessary in order for your floors to maintain their beauty and luster. Then, about every 5 to 10 years, adding a maintenance coat to your floor should keep you from having to re-sand them; resulting in a lifetime of attractive cleanliness. Hardwood floors are also unique because they’re made from real wood, so each board is completely different from the other. And, with the wide array of wood species, stains, and finishes you can use for your hardwood floors, the decorative possibilities are endless! If you’re interested in hardwood flooring in MA, contact us at: 508-341-3285